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THE LOUSEBUSTER HEAT TREATMENT DEVICE THE WORLD’S FIRST TGA APPROVED HEAD LICE AND NIT KILLING MACHINE IN VICTORIA KILLS ALL STAGES OF HEAD LICE AND NITS WITH DEHYDRATION ONE TREATMENT ONLY NO FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON TREATMENTS THAT DON’T WORK TAKE ACTION NOW Melbourne Victoria has a non-chemical mechanical weapon a machine called the LouseBuster, invented in the US, which uses heated air that dries out and kills lice and their eggs with one single 30 minute treatment regardless of the infestation. No pesticides or other chemicals are used only HEATED AIR. This will be followed by a thorough comb-out to remove the dead lice and nits (eggs). LouseBuster treatments are only conducted by trained Certified Technicians and the treatment is only for adults and children 4 and over, individuals who are pregnant, have asthma, allergies and are able to communicate effectively with the Technician in terms of how they are sensing the warm air on their scalps. Itch No More can help those who are struggling with head lice by offering in the privacy of your own home or via the salon in Epping treatments with the LouseBuster heat device saving you money, time and stress instead of numerous appointments, ongoing combing, additional products, more time and stress – head lice can be gone after a SINGLE treatment. For those where the LouseBuster treatment is not appropriate and children 4 years and under, we can offer you an effective once only treatment using our unique manual technique with a natural organic product as an alternative. Following either lice treatment, we will provide you with a lice and nit free certificate that you or your child is lice free validated by our license number and signed by the Certified Technician. Your certification information is kept confidential and kept on file. You will also be provided with educational information about head lice, explain how to get rid of lice from your belongings and home environment to prevent reinfestation and most importantly aftercare management to stay lice free and this is all an extra service to you with no extra charges. Upon our departure or your departure, you or your child will be LICE AND NIT-FREE and you will know everything there is to know about head lice! We will put your mind to ease because at Itch No More, we make head lice disappear! I would like to thank you for treating me with your beautiful service, I can actually say I am a head lice free lady and I recommend that everyone should just stop and not waste anymore on worthless products and to visit Itch No More as one LouseBuster treatment was all I needed. Treatment 16/1/2012 Lina – Craigieburn I took my two daughters to Antoinette at Itch No More on 1/12/12 as I was sick of treating their hair for head lice on and off over the last few years. I always said I wish I could just pay someone to do this for me as my eldest daughter has long, thick, curly hair and it would take me half a day to manually pull out eggs. The best thing I did was go to Antoinette after a friend of mine told me about her. She was very thorough, informative and friendly and I would recommend the LouseBuster treatment to anyone, definitely worth the money, by Danielle – Mill Park.

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