At Shanti Baby we begin healing prior to conception, to help the incoming soul incarnate with as much ease and grace as possible for them. It is possible to create a safe, loving and nurturing space where each individual has the opportunity to heal past life issues with their new family, and reincarnate on this planet with dignity and respect, surrounded by joy and those who love them. The more of us who strive for this, the more it will become a reality. What a difference this would bring into the lives of so many and our world. We share our knowledge incorporating healing, health and education to assist your family in all areas of their lives. Healing is available to assist each person, whether a baby struggling to sleep, a mother depressed following the birth of her baby, a father who feels disconnected, or more serious health issues. Healing during the pregnancy also addresses the changes taking place within the mother’s growing and changing body, the relationship between the parents and the growth from being a couple to being a family. The changing role of a father is also addressed. Years ago the father was the breadwinner of the family and little else. Today the father’s role is seen as just as important a part as the mothers. It is an amazing life affirming journey for all. We can assist with breastfeeding, sleep and settling, reflux, colic and more. Healing and support is available for baby and family. We provide training and healing to lower the risks of complications associated with immunization. We feel this is a very important area and hope that as many people get involved with this as there are children.

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