We live in an increasingly solar focused world…goal driven, egocentric, hierarchical…a frenetic pace which is dramatically at odds with the space we enter when becoming parents. With urban life and artificial light and heating, we have become separated from the close connection our ancestors shared with the ebb and flow of the moon. From tides and weather patterns, to fertility cycles of plants and animals, she regulates the rhythms of life. While we do need the energy and warmth of the sun, we can regain balance in our lives by recognising and tuning in to the cycles of the moon.

There are several ways Luna affects our lives. The phases of the moon regulate the cycles of fertility and growth around and within us. From new moon waxing to full moon, then waning to the dark moon, the cycles of life ebb and flow. Our menstrual cycles and fertility are linked to these phases, and lunar awareness is an integral part of natural fertility management.

The astrological sign of the moon, both through our birth chart and her daily position, also affects us. Approximately every two and a half days, the moon moves into a different sign of the zodiac, and this sign colours the energy of this period. By noting the daily sign of the moon, and our personal emotional reactions to this energy, we can become aware of our potentially difficult days, and schedule activities around this awareness. This is especially effective with children, as they are closer to the intuitive, emotionally reactive lunar energy.

In the birth chart, while our sun sign represents our vitality and conscious expression of will, our moon sign has a more subconscious effect on our lives, governing emotional needs and reactions, and our immediate instinctive responses to situations. She reflects the lessons we learn in our mothers arms, which then affects the way we respond to and nurture our own children. Pregnancy, birth, mothering, and infancy are stages in which we largely act according to our moon sign. By understanding our lunar sign and that of our children, we can become aware of subconscious behavioural patterns and choose to focus this energy in more positive ways.

Recognising the powerful influence of the moon is the first step to regaining balance in our lives. My goal over the next few issues is to expand upon these themes and bring the lore of Lady Luna back into focus.
Observe her, tune in to her and reconnect with the rhythm of life.