By Chrissy Butler My Brother Jimi Jazz is the first book of emerging writer Chrissy Butler. Chrissy writes from the perspective of a young girl about the beautiful home birth of Jimi Jazz. A wonderful tale for children and the whole family, that embraces:

  • a natural, active home birth
  • breastfeeding
  • co-sleeping
  • use of cloth nappies
  • baby moon
  • siblings at birth

My Brother Jimi Jazz begins with a family preparing for the home birth. The family work together to wash the cloth nappies, cook meals for the baby moon and ready the family bed. Once the scene is set in glorious imagery painted both by the author’s words and her amazing artwork, we experience the birth of Jimi Jazz. The birth is assisted by a lovely full moon, an active Mum, a doting Dad and the care of two midwives. “I keep visiting the page with the picture of the birth! It is a wonderful expression of natural birth and not at all threatening for children. It reminded my own son of seeing the birth of his sister! Thank you for writing and illustrating this story so beautifully.” Melissa, Sydney.