The masses have been a little slow to catch on to the movement of the 21st Century. But those of us whove had a glimpse, want to see a whole lot more! The movement away from polluting our planet in the name of development. The movement away from traditional schooling, toward methods that nurture the individual. The movement away from processed foods toward a healthy body. These are the glimpses. Then the picture begins to widen, and we see that we cannot keep relying on others to make us healthy, thats just like finding a band-aid for a broken leg.

We begin to realise that everything – EVERYTHING starts from within. And so, we come into a space of awareness… a space where clarity exists. In this space, a whole new world opens up for us, as we see whats real. Not the fears that stop us in our every day, not the limiting beliefs that hold us back subconsciously where we cant even see whats tripped us up, not the societal beliefs that dictate our lives through generations.

When we become aware, we can pierce the veil of ego and get to the core of us, where a soulful existence is possible, where immense power and intelligence, wisdom and strength is found. We can then use this wisdom and inner strength to sculpt our lives to our liking, to create a beautiful pregnancy and birth experience, to learn how to parent our children in an enlightened way, and much more.

Whats real is that we are all incredible. We have available – within us – everything we need. Its taken quantum physicists a long time to understand, quantify and put into words; but in simple terms its our intuition… so much more profound and powerful than were used to thinking of it as. We have all heard stories of how mothers just seem to “know” when somethings wrong with the baby growing inside, or that everything is fine, or exactly what their child needs at a particular time.

We all know that when we follow our intuition, a gut feeling, the outcome is positive. And we know that when we dont, we invariably wish we had. But where does this come from and how can we access it at will and trust and follow these feelings for great outcomes ALL the time? The answer to that is the same as the answer to being 100% in our power, knowing we have everything we need inside us to succeed at anything and knowing how truly great we actually are… and that theres simply no need to put up with mediocrity, or worse still, painful birthing, ill-health, pain or suffering, any longer.

The answer is simply: your intuition – or more scientifically put – accessing a whole brain state. You see, what happens when you still your mind and trigger a whole brain state, is your brain is allowed to function as it was designed. Let me illustrate with a couple of examples.

Your brain acts like a radio, tuning into the various thought frequencies in every moment and interpreting the information relevant to your life. Just like a radio interprets sound, your brain interprets information. As you enter a whole brain state, you can choose at will which frequency youd like to tune into, to receive information. Whether that be your memory and knowledge base, your subconscious mind, your Higher Self, your babys energy, your childs Higher Self, mother Earth – they all carry information you can tune into.

When you are not in a whole brain state, your brain operates much like a standalone computer – the information it draws on being limited to your memory and knowledge base. When you unite the hemispheres of your brain in a whole brain state, its like plugging that standalone computer into the internet, to access all available information simply by tuning into (google-ing) that which you seek to know.

So that now leaves just one question: how do you access this whole brain state, your intuition, at will, to create a Natural Pain Free Birth? The key is stillness of mind, so you can begin to choose your thoughts. From this space you can access your pace of 100% self belief, which activates your whole brain state. From there, its just a matter of choosing which frequency youd like to tune into, just like you choose which radio station youd like to listen to.

I chose to tune into the frequency of the baby growing in my belly when I was pregnant. My “Little Oli” spoke with me throughout my pregnancy, letting me know what he needed to be healthy and develop optimally. He guided me throughout the 9 months, facilitating a beautiful pregnancy free of complications, and a 100% Natural Pain Free Birth.

The other most useful “radio station” for me was my own Soul (Higher Self), where I received guidance on how to rid myself of all those limiting beliefs and societal beliefs around birthing. You know, things like: “Birth is painful, thats just a fact of life”, “The first birth is the hardest”, and “Morning sickness is normal, but its usually over by the 2nd trimester”. Instead I created supportive beliefs around pregnancy and birthing, so I could create beautiful experiences.

Now I write to bring awareness to others that a Natural Pain Free Birth is possible and that simply connecting into your own inner wisdom is all you need to achieve it. My aim is to help women create the shifts necessary to experience beautiful pregnancies and births, ultimately shifting the societal beliefs over time.

We all have this ancient inner wisdom inside; lets get back to accessing it and living a life of expansive possibilities, rather than settling for a life of limiting beliefs. Lets have Pain Free Births naturally, rather than relying on drugs to get us through. Lets allow our bodies to function perfectly, as they are designed to do. Lets allow our children to experience life naturally and free of the limiting beliefs that were drummed into us as children. Its time to break the cycle!

Your beliefs create your reality; its your job to tidy up your thoughts at the conscious and subconscious level, so you can create a reality thats pleasing for you. That reality can include a beautiful pregnancy, fit and healthy body, pain free birth, healthy happy children, a soul relationship with your partner, financial freedom… The choice is yours, the possibility is there – whats left is for you to take action on your new awareness. From there, life can flow!