NaturalParenting Now. Where we Stand


Natural Parenting has been in hiatus for the past 2 years but as of July 2016, is being resurrected with

A new business directory

An Online Marketplace of Natural Retailers.

The forum is back online

Articles submissions are open again to writers on parenting topics.

With this new beginning, I’d like to make sure all aware of “Where we Stand” on some keys issues.

What is Natural Parenting in 2016?

Natural Parenting is not one formula or a fixed set of rules.  Its parenting from the heart, calling on our internal wisdom in making decisions as to what is right for the raising of our children.  Very often out instincts are well formed – after all – it’s those instincts that have kept the human race going for thousands of years.

We understand that internal wisdom and the experience of others who have parented before us are indelibly entwined… but we don’t believe multinational corporations with their focus on profits are our children at heart when they recommend canned foods, electronic games, powdered milk, land filling baby products such as non-biodegradable wipes and nappies etc.

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