is the first website offering an effective online telemedical coaching service (NetCoaching program) for children with early eating behaviour disorders, particularly tube dependency.

Tube dependency can be an unintended result of long-term feeding by enteral nutrition in infants and toddlers, which may lead to insufficient weight gain and physical and emotional dependency on tube feeding in absence of any medical indication.

The NetCoaching program is based on the “Graz method of tube weaning” of the University Children‘s Hospital Graz, Austria, with the help of which more than 1000 tube dependent children over the past 20 years have been weaned successfully. Since the beginnings of the NetCoaching program in summer 2009 nearly the entire over 100 exclusively tube fed children could be weaned successfully in their homes.

NetCoaching works by working with the parents intensively on a daily basis and offering recommendations for changing the tube feeding routine within a period of 1-3 weeks, analysing the daily intake protocols and observing the videos sent to the NoTube team carefully with special focus on the childs developmental abilities concerning learning to eat and motivating the tube fed child in its individual self feeding skills. Thus, NetCoaching assists parents, who prefer being supported at home, are not able to come to Austria for treatment.

The costs for NetCoaching are the following fees per child:
– $680 AUD assessment fee
– $2710 AUD treatment fee

The program starts immediately after the registartion process is completed.
There are no further costs and a 50% money-back guarantee if the goal of keeping your child stable without tube or any other goal the NoTube team decides on with you before starting the treatment.

At least, it is important to mention, that NetCoaching should only be performed in a stable nutritional phase when there is clearly no medical reason to continue tube feeding and that every child, who enters the NetCoaching program should be under local pediatric observation.

There is also a wish to state, that NetCoaching and the NoTube team cannot heal any underlying medical conditions and they also cannot substitute necessary medical examinations as well as the long term surveillance of a child‘s growth and thriving after the wenaing process has been completed.

If there are any further questions feel free to contact the NoTube team:
– NoTube LLC
Sihleggstrasse 23
8832 Wollerau