Whats in your kids lunchbox?

New Truefood Guide gives parents choice 

Truefood Guide launched their childrens edition this week and are absolutely over the moon to announce that Kelloggs has done a 180-degree turn. The food giant contacted us today at the last minute and committed to phase out all GM ingredients over the next year.

The exciting news comes just days after Greenpeace exposed Kellogs use of genetically modified corn ingredients in their popular K-Time twists in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Kelloggs joins Snackbrands Australia – makers of CCs, Samboy, Cheezels and Thins – and SPC beans and spaghetti, who committed to stop using GM ingredients for the first time this year.

“Food companies know that Australians dont want to eat GM, so it makes business sense for these companies to assure us GM isnt lurking in their products,” said Greenpeace GM campaigner, Laura Kelly. ”

Unfortunately, Aussie favourites Kraft Vegemite and Smiths chips are still rated red and may contain GM.

The Truefood Guide will be launched this morning with Sydneys top celebrity chefs, Murray Cook from The Wiggles, parents and farmers. Well be joining together at one of Sydneys most popular dining destinations, Danks Street Depot, to take action against genetically modified (GM) organisms contaminating our food.

The new guide is a special kids edition – helping Aussie parents know if theyre feeding their children GM food, which hasnt been proven safe to eat. The Truefood Guide aims to fill the gap left by Australias poor food labelling laws.

“Kids are the most susceptible to the potential and untested health impacts of GM ingredients and this will be the first generation of Aussie children dealing with a lifetime exposure to GM” said Greenpeace GM campaigner, Laura Kelly.

Another popular family dinner choice, chicken, is the only product rated red for almost all brands. The problem with Australias chicken is its mostly fed GM soy and the research increasingly shows that GM DNA stays in the animals organs, muscles and blood.

Coles and Woolworths – the biggest purchases of chicken – are in a position to rule out this GM contamination. Yet they refuse to heed consumer concerns. In fact, Woolworths is rated red on everything in the Truefood Guide.

And its not just supermarket shoppers who are concerned. The widespread support of our new guide – from celebrity chefs, to farmers, to senators like Nick Xenophon – shows that GM is an issue that needs urgent attention.

We have a right to feed our family food that is safe, healthy and doesnt cost the earth. The government must respect this right and improve Australias GM labelling laws and stop the spread of more GM crops.

Until then, make sure you hit the shops armed with our latest Truefood