It?s the wee hours of the morning. The nightly noises reverberate through the house, the rhythmic breathing of its inhabitants, the ticking of the clock, the slow dripping of the bathroom tap. Somewhere inside this dark sanctuary something begins to stir. It moves slowly at first, twisting and turning, arising from the deep confines of its own world. Silently it creeps down the dimly lit hallway looking for its victims. There is always the element of surprise as they lay there, sleeping peacefully, unaware of the horror that?s about to be visited upon them.

Entering this peaceful haven without waking the victims is the key to its master plan. Smoothly and swiftly the creature lifts the bottom of their bedding and slides in. Undetected thus far it makes its way up the centre of the unsuspecting couple. Pausing for a moment to bask in the success of the attack so far, it takes a second to ensure that its entry was undetected. The sound of the innocent pair?s rhythmic breathing confirms its victory. And then suddenly the unprovoked rein of terror begins.

Using its four limbs with all the flexibility of an octopus it begins the assault. No appendage is left unharmed. Tendon like fingernails stab and scratch at the victims raw flesh causing them to wince in pain. Feet seek out the tenderest parts of the anatomy and proceed to leave their imprint on delicate skin. Its toes roll back and forth over the flesh causing inexplicable soreness. By now the couple is awake and trying desperately to protect themselves from the onslaught. Gently at first and then with more force they try to redirect the attacking limbs. But the creature is relentless in its ambush. Eventually exhausted and conceding defeat the couple gives in to it. Their fate is inevitable, stretching their aching limbs they arise from the bed. Morning is here and the creature of the night wants her breakfast.