This fun, colorful activity is something that everyone in the family can try.  Whether you are 3 or 93, it is simple and everyone will proudly create a unique masterpiece.

We call it golf ball painting.   Technically you can use any round object that is not too large and preferably smooth.

What you’ll need:

  • A box or a lid with sides
  • A small ball
  • Paper
  • Variety of paint colors
  • Your imagination

How to create your masterpiece:

  • Place your piece of paper inside the lid or box that you have chosen to use.  It is best to have the paper fit well and take up as much of the box as possible.
  • Choose the paint colors that you want.  It could be one, two or even three.
  • Place a small blob of each chosen color on the paper.
  • Place your golf ball, or other ball, into the box lid and start to slowly and gently tip the lid so that the ball rolls from one side of the box to the other.
  • The trick is to have the ball roll through the paint each time it passes from side to side.  The more it mixes the better.
  • Continue to roll the ball around and around until you are satisfied with the look and you are done.  If you need to add more paint in at anytime you can.

Once you are finished, carefully remove the paper from the box lid and place it somewhere to dry.

Your newly created masterpieces can be framed, put on the fridge or even used as wrapping paper for a gift. Using specific colors these paintings can even be created in a theme.  Red and green for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween or lovely bright colors for Easter.

And why not sprinkle glitter or add some other embellishments on the paint before it dries for an extra personal touch.

These golf ball paintings are super fun, quick to do and suitable for all ages.  Why not make one today!