If you are fortunate enough to be birthing your baby at home, here are some ideas to help things run smoothly. Your midwife should supply you with suggestions of how to prepare and a list of things to provide for the homebirth as these will vary. These are some of the most common suggestions. * If you think you are going to give birth on the bed make sure it’s at right angles to the wall. * Stock the cupboard. * Pin important phone numbers by the telephone. * Supply a waterproof covering, probably plastic, to protect the floor wherever the birth takes place. Plastic sheets, tablecloths (tablecloths with a non plastic side can be turned upside down to stop mum from sliding off) or shower curtains that stop fluid seeping through completely. * Roll of cotton wool * Box of large tissues. * Bin liners, incontinence pads. * Old sheets. * Hot water bottle for afterpains or to warm a cot. * Easily digested snacks and nourishing fluids of choice. Yogurts, soft museli bars juice, etc * Bendy straws for easy drinking during labour. * Comfortable old clothes to wear during labour. * Towels to wrap up mother and baby. * Extras – hand mirror, camera, champagne, chocolates etc. For further advice about preparing for a homebirth visit Angela Horn’s website www.homebirth.org.uk.