Nutritional Preparation
Nutritionally it is essential to prepare yourself and the children for the impending trip. The healthier you all are when your travel, the better you will all cope with the disruption. In the weeks prior to the trip make a concerted effort to eat as well as possible, lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. Avoid junk food.

In the days preceding the travel make sure the whole family drinks plenty of water. Dehydration, no matter how slight can cause restlessness, something you dont want on a long flight or car trip. If you are breastfeeding it is essential that you keep up your water intake.

Give the kids their own drink bottles with water, and encourage frequent sips. No sugary or fizzy drinks, this will just dehydrate them and make it difficult for them to settle.
Likewise with snacks. Stick to the healthy non-junk food choices. Snacks like fruit, dried or fresh, carrot sticks, cheese cubes, vegemite sandwiches or wholegrain crackers. Just remember if you are travelling internationally; discard these food items in the appropriate bins.

Natural Therapy Supports
There are a number of natural therapies that can be used also to keep everyone calm through the whole journey process.
– Bach Flowers. The most recognized being Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Great for those who have a fear of flying, or anxiety regarding travel, but can be used for every sort of distress. Remedies can also be made specifically for the individual, but you will need to consult a Bach Flower practitioner for these.
Biochemic Cell Salts. These are a therapy consisting of twelve minerals that occur naturally in our bodies. By using specific combination remedies they can be used for any situation that may arise during your travel.
– Homeopathy. Chamomilla drops are a great homeopathic remedy for distressed children, with cocculus 30C good for travel sickness.

All of the above remedies are suitable for children, but it is essential that you discuss your specific needs with you health food shop or natural therapy practitioner. They are specific remedies, so you may as well get the right one for you and your family.

Travelling with kids can be fraught with all sorts of unexpected and uncontrollable events. Take the time to prepare yourself and the family. Don’t stress over the “what ifs. Look on this as an adventure. Remember you are the parent and your children will be looking for your reaction to how they behave, or misbehave. Keep to your game plan. Children thrive on consistency, so even if they are in completely new surroundings, if you can remain the person they know, they will feel secure. And if worse comes to worse remember the chances are you will be surrounded by lots of understanding parents, who will smile indulgently, and recall silently their own travelling with kids horror stories.