Feng Shui sees the Mind as a tool, affected by its stimulus from the environment the Being is in, and moves through. The resonances of these environments set up patterns of thought, which in turn become the ability to recognise opportunity in the extrapolated potential of any situation (the ability to future think).? But isnt this just dreaming? Isnt this just the ability to daydream, wish, fantasise? Yes, it is all these and more.

The Mind is our powerful tool, as it is responsible for Perception, and perceiving is everything to the Human Experience. If we perceive we are poor, we have only to view someone without any possessions or home to know that our perception has been based on our own parameters. If we perceive we are a victim we have only to view someone in a more detrimental situation to see how lucky we really are. Everything is relative, just as the concept of Yin & Yang relates to comparisons of force, vitality etc…so does the Human Mind accept that perceptions are changeable.

With this in mind, it is almost shocking to understand that we ourselves are in ultimate control.

Nature and circumstances may conspire to make us feel lost, alone, hard-done-by and more, but in comparison the truth of where we are is the most uncomfortable thing to approach. Truth is mostly a confronting thing. Accepting the truth of any situation the most difficult thing to do, and conversely the ultimate reward too.

When confronted by disappointment, dissatisfaction, despondency etc, it may be best and easiest to turn to your immediate and visible environment. Feng Shui is here to lend you a hand again! What can be changed? What can be removed? The Spring Clean is so popular and so dreaded for its ability to make big changes and get things moving energetically. De-cluttering can be a double edged sword, making us go through old possessions/memories/energetic vibrations, and yet yielding us new spaces to enjoy, organised homes, and a real sense of order in our environments. An area for new growth is established. This will of course resonate into your Mind and you will feel better for the work completed.

We are deeply connected to the places we inhabit, both in Body and in Mind. They are ultimately connected of course, and if we feel sluggish in one we have only to shake up the other to move into a new state of potential opportunities that are real, not wishes, not daydreams, but real opportunities for Wealth, Health and Harmony.

Things that may help you bring about the resonance for real opportunities:


  • De-clutter and remove things that are no longer useful or used
  • De-tox yourself in Body with Salt baths, lots of water and good clean food
  • Cleanse your Mind with beautiful images, mantras and music
  • Ask for assistance from both your human helpers and divine help too

Happy Spring everyone. May your Mind be clear like a crystal and just as beautiful, reflecting many facets of Opportunity and Beauty.