Water, water and more water!
The current and recent research into water therapy has been very much in the media since Masura Emoto chose to photograph crystalline water structures from various sources, or from various energetic experiments, illustrating just how water holds ‘memory or, vibrational energy. There is also emerging research into the use of water therapy in the treatment of childhood asthma and autism, which indicates a long and interesting future as a research topic.

Because flower essences are pure, natural, vibrational messages, captured in pure water, the way of helping the body assimilate these messages is to allow them to flow freely within the system, and this is best done by properly hydrating the body. Hydration is proven to alleviate pain, improve concentration, assist with stress reduction, and generally help a host of minor and major symptoms associated with negative behavioural patterns. Just like breathing exercises (like yogic breathing) can assist in a host of ailments and relieve many symptoms by simply encouraging proper energy flow around the body, another major necessity of the body after air is of course, water.

It seems too simple. It seems too commonsense to expect that maintaining a correct or improved level of air and water in the body will help it ‘be well, but of course this is completely true. The kind of water you give your body is also important. Just like consuming ‘good food is important, the quality of the water you regularly consume should be as high as you can get it. Town water often contains things like chlorine, and fluoride, which are known to be toxic to the human body, so tap water should be filtered for human consumption. Spring water, filtered rain water and artesian waters all promote good health and contain valuable trace elements.

Administering Dosage
When mixing up flower essences in dosage solution, it is firmly recommended that you use a pure spring water, or filtered water. The flower essences neat from a ‘mother tincture taste strongly of brandy and may not be palatable to children. A usual dosage solution amount of 4 to 7 drops of essences can be taken under the tongue neat, but will be greatly enhanced if a minimum of 250ml (approximately 1 cup) of water is taken with the dosage. If alcohol is to be strictly avoided, any remedy can be made into a dosage by further diluting it using raspberry vinegar, however the mother tinctures are always stabilised with grape brandy, therefore there may be a need for some compromise.

With children, the dosage may be administered by rubbing it into the skin behind the ears, on top of the head, or the lips, so you may have to wait until the child wants water. Small babies may need to have the dosage put into a medicine syringe and administered directly to the back of the mouth to encourage swallowing. Putting the essence into a childs drinking water and allowing them to sip it slowly (or slurp it through a straw) may help to calm an agitated, upset or irritable child.

As an alternative treatment, Bach Flower Therapy can deliver a subtle and effective form of assistance. Working with your therapist can further assist you in moving through the stages of healing and progress towards a peaceful balance, for you and for your child.