We women love to share our birth stories, and The Big Stretch is the ultimate collection of heartfelt stories. Made by author and birth worker Jenny Blyth and film maker Alieta Belle, this film has been recently released on DVD. A beautiful and inspiring piece of work, The Big Stretch is an artistic adventure into the mystery of birth and is unlike any birth film I have seen. About an hour’s duration, it is an exciting collection of interviews, birth footage and stills. The film is an exploration into the spiritual, emotional and physical growing that women can achieve as they grow their babies and bring them into the world. Women candidly share with us their physical changes, emotions, relationships, difficulties and pleasures as they journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Seeing these women speak so openly and honestly about their birthing experiences is a fantastic way for newly pregnant women to be introduced to birth as a natural, normal experience with much enjoyment and wisdom to be gained along the way. The film shows how wonderfully our bodies cope with birth and could certainly help anyone overcome inhibitions they may have about birth. Thisis not a “how to” DVD based on the latest research or technique. It is real women talking about their real experiences as they share the insights they have gained through birthing their children. What it clearly shows is that all women experience their pregnancies and births differently, but what they have in common is the journey of personal growth, whatever form that may take. The women discuss what preparations they are making for their births, and their hopes and expectations. After their births, they reflect on what happened, how they felt and what they learned. Most of the women featured have had more than one baby and they compare the differences between their births. There is also a section where the women offer their advice for other mothers preparing for birth. Quite a few partners and children are featured in the film and it is lovely to see birth being experienced by all as a natural family event in which everyone can have a role. The Big Stretch is aimed at women preparing to give birth, their families and their care givers. Partners in particular may be able to reach a greater understanding of how their wives and girlfriends experience pregnancy and birth. However, it is also lovely viewing for women who have already given birth, no matter how long ago. An exquisite reminder of the special and magical time of pregnancy and birth, The Big Stretch enables us to revisit our own emotions and experiences and validates the connections we share as women. The film was made on the Queensland Sunshine Coast and its hinterland, and the lush environments where these families are living also contribute to the beauty of The Big Stretch. Great attention has been paid to the soundtrack of the film, and the original music by Dion Read is a perfect compliment to the visuals. The different sections of the film are woven together with animations by Jane Little, giving the film a funky and contemporary feel. The Big Stretch has been made from the heart by two women completely passionate about birth and the film has obviously been a labour of love. The footage was collected and edited over a period of three years, encompassing two pregnancies for Alieta Belle and over fifty birth attendances by Jenny Blyth. The end result is an engaging, touching, empowering, and insightful film that will become a valuable resource for families and birth workers everywhere. This filmreally encapsulates what it means to give birth. The Big Stretch is a celebration of WOMAN and her ultimate act of creation, with all its beauty and challenges. Best of all, the film conveys all the positive messages about birth that we women want to share with each other. It might make some of us cry, but it is a feel-good cry.