This meditation first appeared in my daughter’s bedtime routine when she was about two. I’m not sure how it was birthed or what inspired it but it is now an essential part of going to bed for all of us. Some things change during the course of telling it. My daughter went through a long period of describing the colour and shape of the gate when we went through it, for another long time the dream stars were particular colours, pink for her, blue for her little brother, green for her daddy and purple for her mama. We don’t rush it but we do bring our family back “on task” by taking the next step if there are distractions. It is difficult to transcribe the notes we sing for the dream stars but every family has its own melody. Keep your voice slow and measured like an adult guided meditation.

Everyone is tucked in, lights turned off or down.

“Are you ready to go up the Rainbow Bridge now?” I ask.

First we start with red, then orange, then yellow, then green, then blue, then indigo, then violet.

Then we go through the little gate.

We sit down on the cool, green grass and look up at the night sky.

(Put your arm up)

(Singing) Dream star come to me, come down in my hand.

Thank you sky for my dream star (everyone needs to say this)

We then get up off the cool green grass.

We go back through the little gate

And back down the Rainbow Bridge – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

We are then safe and sound in bed.

Sweet dreams…………