The Clean Bum Crusade is a campaign to help give the babies of Australia a voice for change.  To raise community awareness of the synthetic chemicals found in conventional skin and body care products and the risks they pose to children. And to petition governing bodies to improve and implement standards that will serve our babies better.

Synthetic chemicals can be found in most skin and body care products. This ‘toxic goo’ poses a health risk to users especially developing babies and children. In Australia there is an Inventory of Chemical Substances; a list of ingredients that manufacturers and importers utilise in the making of their products. However, there are questionable chemicals on that list considered to be safe by Australian Standards which are banned in other countries because of concerns about toxicity. Why are Australian babies exposed to these chemicals while there is uncertainty about their toxicity?  If other countries are concerned about their use why can’t we take the safest route and join these countries in banning these chemicals until more research is done?

Launched in September 2012 the campaign aims to build a community of 10,000 prior to petitioning the governing bodies to bring about change. Supporters of the campaign will take the form of facebook fans known as ‘Crusaders’.

By joining the crusade supporters will be asking for an immediate ban on those chemicals already banned in other countries until an assessment can be done; an easily accessible list of the synthetic chemicals under review; and for legislation to mandate that all information required to be displayed on cosmetic and personal care product packaging be displayed clearly with products sold online.


“Our concern is not simply the rash that develops after using one wipe or product; it’s more about the accumulation of these chemicals in little bodies over time.  Children are being exposed to these chemicals much earlier in life and the harsh reality is that diseases linked to these chemicals are caused by long-term exposure” says Sinead Roberts co-founder of Wotnot Naturals.


 “I think if babies were able to answer the question ‘Do you mind if we use chemicals in your products that are banned for use on baby products in other countries’ they would say ’no thank you I’d rather not’.  We need to be a voice for babies and ask governing bodies to rethink their policies” says Roberts.

If this concerns you then The Clean Bum Crusade campaign can be found at and the dedicated facebook page at

  “Baby wipes are arguably the most used baby care product, with use on babies up to 15 times a day on nappy change alone not to mention messy hands and face. So we feel our campaign for ‘toxin-free’ clean bums is a good place to start the drive for change. The logo itself represents babies taking a stand and crusading for the change” said Sioned Guard, Director Wotnot Naturals.