Accessing help. Why wait?

There may be the issue that access to affordable treatment is prohibitive for a number of reasons. The cost of travel to a therapist, not only the fees, can be a major reason for not seeking or receiving proper care and attention for this illness. Then there is always the persons pride, or shame, that may prevent them from seeking help. On top of those possibilities is the need to find someone that you feel a rapport with, and for that person to be available for your requirements too. Natural alternatives to the prescription drugs tend not to have the ‘switch on effect of synthetics. They dont manifest the ‘tragedy to comedy mask that pharmaceuticals offer. However that in itself holds issues that must be addressed throughout conscientious care and during therapy.

Bach Flower Therapy is a holistic therapy, looking to find the reasons behind the manifestation of Depression and other symptoms associated with it. Perhaps there is no core issue, but a number of issues creating a web of depressive avenues. Finding what these are and treating them in the hope of full resolution is the practice of subtle therapies. In this way, the treatment becomes perpetual so that the patient is empowered, with a variety of methods to self-heal successfully, and avert full-blown Depression symptoms.

Affirmation and Meditation

Part of becoming empowered is learning tools to help yourself wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Affirming your intentions to take control of any situation can assist you in navigating the emotions surrounding it.

For example, if a person finds they are depressed because of the way they react to incidents involving someone close to them, then they can use affirmations to change their thought pattern when these incidents occur. When a partner criticises you and you find your thoughts spiralling into depressive patterns you can use a pre-organised thought response. (Or use it verbally, whatever you are comfortable with) Something like, “I am now releasing unhelpful criticism and embracing my self worth”, “I now embrace myself and deflect hurtful words away from Me”.

Sometimes it is also empowering to consider this thought… “I cannot be in control of anothers emotions”. At times it is important to be consciously prepared to leave a person who is not beneficial for your well-being, as they have their own journey to continue on. No one is here to be used as a verbal punching bag for someone elses frustrations…this is all part of embracing your own unique self-worth.

In The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy (Mechthild Scheffer) each flower is assigned a particular set of affirmations to use in conjunction with the flower essence. Mustards affirmations are listed as, “I feel light”, “I am happy”, and “I am in the light”. Gorse, ‘The Hope Flower has empowering affirmations of, “I stand tall”, “I am filled with hope” and “I see new opportunities”. These very short affirmations are simple, yet dramatically effective when used as Mantras while Meditating or walking.

Walking and Water

Simple and easy exercise increases the bodys ability to make endorphins which increase certain other brain chemicals that can assist us with overcoming depressive symptoms. Pharmaceuticals used to treat depression are these natural brain chemicals in synthetic form. Walking in natural environments where there are beautiful, uplifting and pleasant views, as well as plenty of fresh air and some sunlight, can dramatically change the health of both Mind and Body. It feeds your Spirit too!

Earth walking can be done in the smallest courtyard, or over rambling tracks in nature reserves. Finding a figure 8 pattern in small places can be very helpful to meditate and mantra with. It is a mesmerising pattern to continue in, and just being in contact with the ground, barefoot, is essential for human health. The two combined create a sacred space anywhere.

Water is a necessary component of the human body. When we dehydrate we starve ourselves of a vital ‘nutrient. Water assists in the assimilation of flower essences too, and for this reason it is essential for good flower essence therapy to have a very healthy intake of pure water. Emotions are strongly linked to water in many cultures and this may be because of the association between our kidneys and their function of releasing toxins from the body. They are also called ‘the seat of our emotions primarily because the adrenal glands sit atop them. When the kidneys are not functioning well we see that a person is prone to melancholy, ill-health, and sometimes flashes of anger that subside as suddenly as they arise.

To properly hydrate the body is to assist in vital functions within all organs and support the processes that promote good health and feelings of well-being. When we have the vibrational energy of flower essences involved in this vital hydration process, we see subtle and effective healing on many levels take place. The person blooms into their full potential, being nourished from the energy body inwards, and from the physical body outwards into the energy body too.

Each individual has their own situation with its unique pattern of events and occurrences, so it is useful to talk with a Bach Flower Therapist to identify what other pertinent essences might be useful to you right now. You can arrange a Bach Flowers Discovery with me via the phone or internet, or in person if convenient to discuss how Bach Flower Therapy could help you. Bach Flower Essences and blends are available to order from my website.