It was an interesting time. You dont notice things have changed that much when you are with someone everyday. I would go shopping and people would not look at my baby, but rather look the other way. I remember going into the butcher and ordering what I wanted. The butcher refused to take my money as his eyes were transfixed on my son. I didnt understand any of this. Just people behaving strangely I thought. I didnt realise how sick he looked – much like the starving babies on T.V. we are now used to seeing.

My dear little boy was no longer rolling over, gooing or gahing, in fact he wasnt doing anything anymore. He was now over one year of age and had not progressed past 4 months of age, when he had his last immunisations. He had in fact regressed to a newborn state, although now he was the length of a toddler. I carried him around in a sling close to my heart and waited for the day he would leave me forever.

When blood started coming from his mouth and I was not getting much sleep at all so I could watch over him, he was admitted to hospital again. He passed away a few weeks later. Vaccination killed him, I have no doubt. I am as sure as if he crawled under the sink and drank the same poisonous concoction of heavy metals, formaldehyde, foreign proteins, multiple viruses and a host of other toxins. At least there wouldnt be denials then though!

A few years passed and I went on to have another child. This time
I was not going to be complacent. I had over the years researched the vaccination issue at length. I read the product inserts and found the reactions all printed there so my suspicions were confirmed by the drug company (the makers of the product) even if not by the doctors. I had been lied to and my concerns about his immunisations were never followed up in any way. They were met with denials and due to my blind faith in the medical profession I didnt question.

I have since gone on to read hundreds of books, some written by very courageous doctors who have bothered to investigate this issue thoroughly, read medical journals and also watched some DVDs done by doctors all to warn parents about the dangers of vaccination.

I have 3 healthy, totally unvaccinated children, who have never had a childhood disease. Unlike their vaccinated friends who have often succumb to the diseases they have been vaccinated against. I kept these children fit and well using what is provided by nature – natural foods, clean water, sunshine, clean air, exercise, adequate sleep and a loving and nurturing environment.

A few simple facts for people to check out:
1. Japan stopped vaccinating young babies and their SIDs rate plummeted to near none. SIDS in Australia mostly happens at 2, 4 and 6 months – a coincidence – I think not!
2. The U.S.A. has paid out billions in compensation for vaccine injury. Why do doctors here deny it is happening – are they scared of being sued?
3. There is absolutely NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF a raised antibody level equals immunity. Apparently doctors want scientific proof of reactions, yet there is no scientific proof a raised antibody level, which is what vaccination does, gives immunity. There is proof it does not, when most of the cases of whooping cough are in the vaccinated as they are for this current epidemic.

It saddens me to know there are thousands of babies out there being damaged or lost every year and they have no voice to stand up against the powerful drug companies and, what is now an industry, and scarcely a profession – medicine.

I suggest you all look up the definition of safe and effective. You will soon learn it does not say what doctors and drug companies believe. While we have a system when vaccine side effects are denied and played down and the risk of the disease is exaggerated we will never really know the true risk / benefit ratio. But remember, the risk was 100% when damage happens to your child!

There is so much information out there now from people who do not have a vested interest in vaccinations – I suggest you look into it thoroughly and put your fears to one side.

Education conquers fear.

Go to some of these sites: , , ,
or email to ask questions, access the library or get a free information pack mailed to you.

If my sons purpose on this earth was to teach me to be a better, more responsible parent, he succeeded. Had he had lived and not died, I would possibly still be the complacent parent I was when I took him to be immunised. For that, I, and his brothers and sister are forever in his debt. Maybe one day, Ill get to thank him. In the meantime I wonder what he would be like today. When I was placing a 21st key around his headstone I could only be sorry I wasnt placing it around his neck.

My unvaccinated children are alive and well and my vaccinated child is dead! Thats what I know and live with every day.