Natural Parenting is not a prescription. There is no complete set of rules or guidelines that guarantee perfect children and parenting bliss. It does not require hours of reading or material investment but it will always make use of available evidence and research in informing parental choice and decision-making. It is not a constant, nor a club to belong.

An Invitation:

Natural Parenting offers a range of possibilities and choices that are determined by the parents and children of each individual family.

Natural Parenting evolves and changes with growing needs and awareness.

Natural Parenting is a conscious personal journey for parents.

Natural Parenting values relationships over outcomes in the hope of providing our children with optimum opportunities for physical and emotional growth.

Natural Parenting is a range of choices that respects the planet on which we live and the future we desire for our children.

Underpinning this Invitation are some key foundations that sets this journey apart. The foundations of Natural Parenting include:

  • an unconditional respect for the needs and well being of children
  • non violent approach to problem solving and discipline
  • a willingness to protect and nurture the wellbeing of the environment

Natural Parenting invites us to experience the intimate transformation of pregnancy, birth and raising children. It also calls us to embrace the mistakes and learning opportunities of parenthood. It challenges us to actually make the journey, not just set the intent. No part of this journey is ever wasted.

Natural Parenting is a journey of personal evolution and offers the opportunity to take risks and further our development. As role models we provide ultimate opportunity to nourish our childrens optimum mental health and well being. Our gift to our children is our self.

 Natural Parenting:

  • Values pregnancy and birth as a normal process.
  • Encourages breastfeeding as the optimum food for human babies and toddlers.
  • Promotes the wearing of our babies and having them close to us during the day and night.
  • Cultivates a community of support and information sharing.
  • Acknowledges interpersonal relationships as the foundation of mental and emotional health for families and society
  • Values the nutrition provided by whole foods, a healthy environment and informed decisions regarding health.
  • Supports the gentle discipline and unreserved comforting of children.