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With this new beginning, I’d like to make sure all aware of “Where we Stand” on some keys issues.

What is Natural Parenting in 2016?

Natural Parenting is not one formula or a fixed set of rules.  Its parenting from the heart, calling on our internal wisdom in making decisions as to what is right for the raising of our children.  Very often out instincts are well formed – after all – it’s those instincts that have kept the human race going for thousands of years.

We understand that internal wisdom and the experience of others who have parented before us are indelibly entwined… but we don’t believe multinational corporations with their focus on profits are our children at heart when they recommend canned foods, electronic games, powdered milk, land filling baby products such as non-biodegradable wipes and nappies etc.

[nextpage title=”Vaccinations”]Vaccinations.

Such a hot topic, with the hysteria being directed at the “I’m not confidant to do it” vote.  The arguments in short are as follows.

i. It’s better for society as a whole if you vaccinate your child.  It protects younger children from infection from older children and vaccinations are very safe.
ii. What is better for society as a whole, is not necessarily better for my child.  Vaccination safety claims are overstated.

So where do we stand?  We are pro-choice.  We understand the desire to protect the many, but equally understand the desire to not harm our own.  We appreciate the argument that vaccinations are very safe…. but that is no consolation to the parents who are certain vaccination damaged their child.  There is unarguable evidence this has happened.

Further… if the strongest argument for compulsory vaccination is “because though it might harm a few children it’s better for society overall” then where do we draw the line with this argument?  Shall we force women to have ultrasounds to see if their baby as a congenital issue?  Shall we tattoo people with sexually transmitted diseases to ensure their partners are fore-warned?  Shall we sterilise people with learning disorders?

Yes, it’s the stuff of movies… but it’s also possible that mass vaccinations might lead to a changing of the world’s general immunity leaving us open to a new bug.  We just can’t say for certain.  For the world to have some parents not vaccinate their children does not seem like such a bad thing.

We are against Australia’s forced vaccination agenda but respect that society has benefited from vaccination and that many will choose to do it.

[nextpage title=”Powdered Milk, Canned baby foods.”]

Powdered Milk, Canned baby foods.
It’s quite amazing to us that adults who would never dream of living off reconstituted products and products only from cans and jars are willing to accept the message of large multinational companies that the best thing they can do for the nutritional wellbeing of their children is to do exactly that(feed them processed, canned foods and a milk product from a non-human animal).

Parental guilt is a powerful thing, and when advertising is directed at tugging at those doubt strings, that unless you are feeding your child these “fortified, super baby products” then you aren’t doing all you can as a parent.

This is not advertising.  This is emotional blackmail and its wrong.  Fresh foods are always going to be better than canned products, and with your baby’s development at its most sensitive in these early years – now is the time to ensure they learn to eat correctly… not to be put on the treadmill of eating processed muck from the very start.

[nextpage title=”Compulsory Fluoridation”]

Compulsory Fluoridation

OK. Let’s get one thing clear here. Drinking fluoridated water has zero benefit on your teeth.  Literally none.  No dentist or health organisation will say otherwise.  The ingestion of fluoride does nothing for the strength of your teeth enamel.  It works by being absorbed through the tooth wall.  To get the positive benefit of fluoride, you should rinse your mouth with a fluoride solution then spit it out.

Europe has banned fluoridated water.  Why?  It’s a forced medical procedure that in any case is not the most efficient way to protect teeth.  There is ample evidence the fluoride can cause damage to joints and bones when ingested.  Talk of “safe levels” is irrelevant.  It’s a poison, no one should be forced to ingest it in any amount.

[nextpage title=”Homeopathy”]Homeopathy
Another controversial topic… and likely our revised position on this is going to upset a few… but then this is a natural parenting site so that’s unlikely to be avoided anyway.

There is no evidence at all, that homeopathy has any effect on its users.  Double blind tests over and over have showed that at best it can have a placebo effect.  Arguments that it at least “does no harm” are not valid.  If your child needs medical treatment, then medical treatment should be sought out.  You should not be praying for a divine intervention, attempting to cure them with a method that has proven to do nothing.

We hold this position with regard to homeopathy and all its suggested uses.  Homeopathic vaccinations have been shown to have no effect.  Homeopathic remedies have been shown to have no effect.

Being a Natural Parent and rejecting the idea that pharmaceutical companies have their patients’ interests at heart is one thing.  It’s another thing entirely to use this as justification for using a remedy that just does not work. So today we draw a line in the sand.  If you wish to use homeopathics?  By all means please do so.  Natural Parenting is not the homeopathy usage police.  But we will no longer be promoting homeopathy as an alternative to actual health care as it isn’t one.

[nextpage title=”Naturopathy, Chiropractic treatments, Chinese medicine, alternative health care.”]

Naturopathy, Chiropractic treatments, Chinese medicine, alternative health care.

Our position on these things is very different to our position on homeopathy.  The media is quick to seize on the sensationist headline grabbers surrounding these and other modalities.  “Rhinos extinct due to poaching for horns to be used in Chinese remedies” etc. etc.

Headlines aside, there is science behind may alternative health modalities.  Many drugs from herbs.  Acupuncture is now used by traditional medicine practitioners to reduce pain and swelling from muscle spasms.  I sit here writing this article having just returned from the chiropractor and no one can tell me that it hasn’t helped my back pain… and indeed my vision.

Our position on alternative health modalities is be a natural parent and use your common sense.  Be open to exploring them.

[nextpage title=”Electronic Toys, screens, pads, games.”]

Electronic Toys, screens, pads, games.
We are raising a generation of screen addicts.  Many children now have a smart phone, a pad, a computer, a game console and a tv.  All of these devices can be internet connected and game driven. But it’s just a bit of harmless fun I hear you say?  We differ in this regard.

Our children are getting fatter and fatter. Instead of going outside to kick the soccer ball around, they play FiFA on their device.  Instead of building a fort, they play war games on their device.

Our children are becoming more and more obsessed with their appearance and digital acceptances. Especially our girls.  Life is less lived, it’s more a stage for the selfie.

Our children forget to chase their dreams, and watch others chase theirs. Instead of doing something, creating something, learning something… our children are watching others do it.  They watch video after video on YouTube.  They celebrate their success at getting to guitar hero level 57… without even learning to play the guitar.

Video games provide a false sense of achievement.  You got to level 57 on Guitar hero!  Wow!  Guess what!  You created nothing, you learnt nothing, you’ve not grown as a person… you’ve just burned hours of your life that you can never get back.

They separate families. I had a mother write  to me this week explaining how they now have a family movie night where all members are not only invited with prejudice (you don’t come – fine – but your devices need to be off and the internet is turned off) – all family members must leave the smart devices off and away.  Apparently the teenagers squirm through the movie even if it’s a great one due to the torment of being kept from the source of their addictions.

The irony is not lost on me, that it’s the good old TV that is bringing this family together for a brief, shared experience.

[nextpage title=”What are the rules to being a Natural Parent?”]What are the rules to being a Natural Parent?

There are none.  Absolutely, there are natural parents who will seek to shun all modern technology and medicine, forgo the products of large petrochemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural companies.  They will eat only vegan, practice their medication and yoga daily, home school their kids who stay at home in their electronic deviceless home.  And we celebrate the diversity that these people bring to the world, not just the Natural Parenting world.

But Natural Parenting is not about following a set of rules, it’s about challenging yourself to decide for yourself if what large corporations, governments, and self-interested parties are telling you what is best for your child, are actually best for your child.  Don’t just accept the marketing spin, the glossy packaging.  Be aware of the impact of your actions on your children.  Be aware of the impact of your purchases on the planet.  There is nothing more natural for a parent in today’s world, than wanting to ensure their footprint is not so heavy on this earth that those that walk the path later will find the ground destroyed.

You can be a natural parent and vaccinate your kids.  You can be a natural parent and not home school them.  Just make sure you question the choice being pushed on you by people who are not the parents of your children and ask yourself if your choices if viewed objectively are in the best interests of your children.

Just us today.  You will likely find others of a similar mindset.