Thank you for your interest in writing for Natural Family Publishing (NFP).

Below is some information about us and the guidelines by which we select and publish articles. We welcome unsolicited material and are always on the look out for new, quality content.

Prior to submitting articles for consideration, please familiarise yourself with our philosophy (insert link) and ensure your work fits within our guidelines.

Our intent is to provide content that informs, challenges and resources parents and parents-to-be. We believe in the power of informed choice and offer the opportunity to explore, debate and challenge on a given topic, as well as nurture and support our audience.

Length of articles
You can write to your own limit so long as it remains concise and clear. We prefer articles of 350 – 1500 words in length. Longer articles will need to be divided into smaller parts. We would encourage you to use sub heading in your articles that will allow us to load the articles onto several pages if needed. If we need to cut long articles into several shorter ones they will all be clearly linked and easy to read as a complete set.

Adding an article

  • Please click to “Create a new account”. A user account is required to be able to submit articles.
  • After creating and account, click on (1) Register/Manage your business listing(s) and register your business details.
  • After your business details are recorded, click on Article Guidelines and read the guidelines recorded there, all writers must agree with these guidelines to have their articles published on any of the Natural Family Publishing Websites.
  • If you agree to abide by these guidlines, click on “Add an Article” in your admin areas and enter your article. You may also load an image to go with your article. We will then review your article and if it is published advise you by email.

Please include two sentences that summarise your article. This will be used to feature your article on our home pages.

Articles will be uploaded onto the sites at the beginning of each month. Deadline for articles is the first of the month. Articles received by this time will be considered for publication in the following month. We endeavour to read all articles on submission and respond to authors within a two week period. If we accept your article and are unable to publish it within this time frame, it will be considered again in the following round.

Please check your article topic with our editor ( prior to commencing writing. We will not accept articles that promote the following practices:

  • Controlled crying or related strategies
  • Toddler taming such as time out or punitive type responses
  • Formula feeding
  • Spanking, shaming and blaming
  • Medicalised birth
  • Computer games and use of media

We welcome articles that are both evidence-based and those that relate a personal experience.

Evidence-based articles need to be backed-up with supportive, well-documented research, information and/or references. Please do not use footnotes. If the article has references, please cite these at the bottom of the document.

Writers Page
In exchange for your article we offer to host a writers page for you on our site. This page is solely devoted to you and can be used to promote you and your work.

Natural Family Publishing will provide the following to each writer in exchange for content;

  • A clear acknowledgement of the writer at the top and bottom of each article.
  • A link to the writers page at the bottom of each article. This link will be highlighted in a colour and underlined.
  • A short bio at the end of your article.
  • A details page that will contain information about the writer, their website and photo. Events and workshops may also be promoted here.
  • Opportunity to sell books and products on our sites free of charge.
  • Opportunity to receive emails direct from our readership via email form on the writers page.

In order to set up your writers page and bio we need the following information from you:

  • Two to three sentences that summarise you, your experience, your work, qualifications, interests etc. This will be used as a short bio at the end of the article on the article page.
  • Name you would like on your articles.
  • Contact details including: email, website, postal address (please note: websites will not feature on the articles pages – only on your writers page. Likewise email addresses will only be on writers pages and an email form used for visitors to contact you directly).
  • Photo of you and/or your book cover.
  • Several paragraphs promoting you and your work. This may include qualifications, employment history, experience, interests, research, or anything else you would like to include to sell yourself and your work.
  • Information on your book / shop / product / workshops etc.