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Choosing-a-Joyful-Birth-Page-2-300x200 Choosing a Joyful Birth – Page 2 - Set a clear intention; consider having a birth affirmation or resolve. ?Write this as a clear sentence and place it in various places around your home.?Repeat it to yourself everyday before birthing, reminding yourself that your attitudes to a certain deg
Kids-The-Human-Sponges-300x199 Kids – The Human Sponges -     Sometimes we forget that our kids are like sponges; soaking up everything we say and do - often without us even realising it. Thats why we parents need to really think about how our own attitudes might be affecting the kids and what informat
WHAT-IS-BPA-300x78 WHAT IS BPA? - There has been a lot of focus on plastics containing BPA in the last 18 months and more recently in August this year, with popular aluminium drink bottle makers, Sigg, admitting that bottles made by them up until August 2008 contained BPA. Even more recen
Taking-the-Time-A-Challenge-of-Parenthood Taking the Time – A Challenge of Parenthood - One of the greatest challenges as a parent is claiming time to spend on ones self. The busy-ness of caring for and nurturing a growing child, maintaining a happy relationship with your partner and seeing to the everyday tasks of running a household is eno
A-Fathers-Grief-A-Guide-for-Men A Fathers Grief – A Guide for Men - A Father's Grief - A Guide for Men Men and women grieve differently and from man to man the expression of grief will be different. There is no such thing as a “normal” way to grieve. There is no right or wrong way to grieve the death of
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