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Recent Articles

Breech-Choices-Breech-Births-300x225 Breech Choices – Breech Births - Breech Choices Adapted from Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: The Wisdom and Science of Gentle Choices in Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting by Dr Sarah J Buckley, (One Moon Press, 2005) In 2002, a pregnant woman in Brisbane, Australia &nd
Journaling-Into-Anger-Cooling-The-Flames-Of-Mama-Anger Journaling Into Anger: Cooling The Flames Of Mama Anger - Anger journal entry, June 1 2001 A flash of irritation this afternoon: Nora Jade requests to pour the drink mix from the packet into the glass for my friend Maureen; I agree, and half of it spills onto the carpet. I'm thinking, “She's do
Night-Creature-Sharing-Mums-Bed-300x199 Night Creature – Sharing Mums Bed - It?s the wee hours of the morning. The nightly noises reverberate through the house, the rhythmic breathing of its inhabitants, the ticking of the clock, the slow dripping of the bathroom tap. Somewhere inside this dark sanctuary something begins to stir.
Treating-Depression-using-Bach-Flower-Therapy-page-2 Treating Depression using Bach Flower Therapy – Page 2 - Accessing help. Why wait? There may be the issue that access to affordable treatment is prohibitive for a number of reasons. The cost of travel to a therapist, not only the fees, can be a major reason for not seeking or receiving proper care and attention
Wise Ways to Nourish the Soon-To-Be Parents – Page 2 - In his pioneering studies of isolated primitive peoples, Dr. Weston Price discovered that the diets of healthy population groups contained much higher levels of the fat-soluble vitamins A and D than the American population of his day. In fact, foods rich
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