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NaturalParenting Now. Where we Stand

Natural Parenting has been in hiatus for the past 2 years but as of July 2016, is being resurrected with A new business directory An Online Marketplace of Natural Retailers. The forum is back online Articles submissions are open again to writers on parenting topics. With this new beginning, I’d like to make sure all […]

Under 10 football coach and man builder

I am an under 10 boys soccer coach.  An unlikely one as I was never a good player.  2 years ago my youngest son’s coach had to quit unexpectedly. 4 weeks later with no new coach I put my hand up and said “Give me a shot at it.  I figured I could not do […]

If you don’t control children, they will grow up out of control… Right?

Post finished… ha ha! Before we go any further I need to make a few distinctions.. Discipline refers to guiding, modelling, teaching, leading and encouraging. Punishment refers to penalising, humiliating, inflicting harm, or chastising. There is so much fear around not “punishing children” and children not having “consequences” for their behaviour – you may have […]

Fun Family Activities – Golf Ball Painting

This fun, colorful activity is something that everyone in the family can try.  Whether you are 3 or 93, it is simple and everyone will proudly create a unique masterpiece. We call it golf ball painting.   Technically you can use any round object that is not too large and preferably smooth. What you’ll need: A […]


Adena Graham About 20 months ago, my husband and I stopped eating meat. This process towards a different way of eating was very piecemeal. I’d studied Animal Welfare Law at university when I was 20. Having written a dissertation on factory farming, and seen related videos, I wanted to drop meat consumption back then. However, […]

Teaching Our Kids to Dress Themselves

Let’s face it. It’s hard to let go, and even just the vaguest thought of them learning to fend for themselves is enough to give us parents a serious case of empty nest syndrome, and we’d really rather enjoy their early years to the fullest. But all the experts will tell you the same thing: […]