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We’re About The Little People…

The early days of parenting a new baby can be a very challenging and confusing time. We can often feel overwhelmed and unsure as life as we knew it has suddenly and dramatically changed.

Pregnancy is the beginning of one of life’s most wondrous journeys. As we watch our bodies change shape and experience the magic of growing new life, we can be confronted by a myriad of choices and decisions.

Parents of all types, blends and flavours are welcome here, with advice and support whatever your parenting journey.

Feeding your children in a world where we are subjected to an onslaught of misinformation about food can be overwhelming. We keep it simple with some creative healthy food ideas.

Kiddies Corner

Allowing Birth to Stir Our Creative Soup

Birth can be a tremendous opportunity to? take a really good look at the stuff you are made of and to go on wondrous journeys? based on your findings. I have been blessed with experiencing two very? different births. The birth of my daughter, Trinity was

Pox Parties – Pass The Chicken Pox Please

The idea of having a pox party (or any of the other childhood illnesses) has appealed to me for quite some time. Traditionally the family with the infected child would invite visiting children to stay at least overnight. The visitors would then share bath

Families Come in All Shapes and Sizes

In this day and age, families come in all shapes and sizes, and are created in various ways. Scientific and technological advancements in the field of fertility, as well as the growing number of adoption agencies worldwide have altered the idea of a &lsqu

Crunchy nut muesli bar Recipe

These nutritious muesli bars are a healthy alternative to commercially made varieties that are full of sugar and saturated fats. These delicious bars are packed with protein, beneficial fats and complex carbohydrates to keep active kids going throughout t

Finally Pregnant!

I remember standing in front of the mirror and putting a cushion up my jumper. I just wanted to see what I would look like when I was pregnant. It was breathtaking – just as I had imagined. We'd been trying to get pregnant for almost 18 months

Living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

“I suggest if you want to have children you do something about it before you turn 30, and you will probably need fertility treatment.” I was 23 years old when my gynaecologist said this to me and eight years later the words still send a shiver